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Top Hidden Features In Gmail
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Top Hidden Features In Gmail That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Gmail is, arguably, the most popular and widely used email client in the world.  In the current online generation, it is rare that you will find any individual without at least one Gmail account.  Not only has Google invested in an online mail service linked to the Gmail account, but there are several platforms attached […]

Commercial LED lighting
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The Top 5 Areas Where LEDs are the Most Common

Due to their energy-efficiency LEDs are gaining popularity in many spheres. They are not only efficient, environmentally friendly but also very reliable and durable. Here are 5 most frequent LEDs applications: Residential lighting It is common to find LEDs in residential premises. They work perfectly in terms of energy saving which makes them more reputable […]

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Top 3 Plagiarism Software for Making a Better Online Experience

Plagiarism or copying content from another source without citation is not only unethical behavior; it also represents a serious offense. Most people think that using articles or ideas from other people without permission is something that is not allowed only in the academic or journalist circles. No, the same principle must be followed in the […]


How To Get Started With Custom Android Remix OS On Your PC

Remix OS is a kind of custom Android version that is designed to act like a desktop computer OS.  Remix OS was first launched by Jide in 2015.  However, at the time it was available only with its Remix Ultra Tablet.  Several other devices later inherited it.   New custom rom have now been launched […]

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Email Verification API by Email YoYo – Google I/O

Have you starting to hear the term email verification get talked about at Google I/O or DevOps lately? If you are still unsure what verifying email addresses really is and how it can benefit your business, you stumbled on the write content. Email verification has multiple definitions to a the developer searching for it. The […]

Windscribe – Super Intuitive VPN Provider
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Windscribe – Super Intuitive VPN Provider

The idea behind Internet is to share information but with very little-to-no intervention either from government or any third-party service such as ISP. However, almost all countries implement Internet censorship which prevents users from accessing certain websites or pages that are considered dangerous, provoking, non-family-friendly or against the government. In many developing countries, the censorship […]

About Intelligent Homes
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Things You Have to Know About Intelligent Homes

Do you know what intelligent homes are and how they functioning? Most of the time, people think it is the concept that will be possible only in the distant future. And really, is this something that can be seen only in the SF movies? Absolutely not! “Smart” houses are here, and they represent the reality […]

Website Theme For Your Business
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Choosing A Website Theme For Your Business

WordPress is simply amazing because it allows you to create an amazing website even if you have no technical knowledge whatsoever. But the first and most important step in this process is choosing a theme. Which one is best for your website? The selection procedure can get a little overwhelming at times. Here are a […]

Virtual Servers Hosting

Virtual Servers Hosting Versus Shared Hosting

  Are you thinking about starting your own blog? By now, you should probably know that going for a self-hosted option is a lot better than using a free solution. The next step is to choose what web hosting service to use for your blog. Two of the most common options are shared and VPS […]

Saving For Retirement

Saving For Retirement: How Much Is Enough?

On a yearly basis, what do you need to save in order to retire? The answer is different for each person. There are several factors that come into play, including how you want to live your life, the return you are getting on your investments and how long you expect to live. As a result, […]

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