An Android watch is an immensely useful tool in the right hands. It simply has so much to offer, from quickly scanning notifications at a glance or monitoring your daily physical activity.

However, are you keeping your Android smartwatch safe from external intrusions?Are you making others feel safe even when you’re carrying around a powerful computer on your wrist? Here are a few tips to help improvesafety and privacy while using your Android watch:TIPS FOR BOOSTING SAFETY AND PRIVACY WITH ANDROID WATCHES

Always Keep Firmware Up-To-Date

Some models automatically update their operating system with patches that cover security vulnerabilities and boost device performance. Other models, however, require that you manually download the patches from the manufacturer’s website. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that you keep the firmware of your Android smart wearables as updated as possible to reduce the risk of malware compromising your watch.

Install A Decent Anti Virus App

Your Android watch can be compromised by malware designed specifically to target the operating system – especially if you have a standalone unit. This is why you really need to install a decent antivirus app on the watch if it’s a standalone watch, or the device you’re pairing it with if it’s a companion watch. This is pretty standard fare when it comes to protecting any smart device, but it’s worth repeating when security and privacy is an issue.

Shield Your Watch When Checking It Out

Being able to get so much information from your watch at a glance is a very useful feature – but not when you inadvertently display all that information to someone sitting right next to you. It is for this reason that you need to learn how to cover the watch face with a hand as you open it up. It will take a bit getting used to, especially when you’re used to just fiddling about with your Android watch, but time and practice will train your hands to the gesture.

Avoid Sensitive Transactions In Public

Not only do you expose your information over a public wireless Internet access point, but you could compromise that information even further by using Bluetooth. Bluetooth connects most Android wrist watches to the phones they’re partnered with, and it isn’t exactly the most secure of wireless communication protocols. It is for this reason that you plan to conduct more sensitive transactions in the safety of your home or office.

Beware Unofficial Apps And Software

If security and privacy is a major concern, then don’t install apps on your Android watch that you can’t find on the Google Play Store. It can be tempting to install a bunch of interesting off-market apps on Android wearables, especially those that let you customize your smart watch. However, these off-market apps usually don’t go through the screening process of apps being distributed on the Google Play Store – making it easier for crooks to bury a line of code somewhere in that app that will compromise the security of your smart watch.

Respect Other People’s Desire For Privacy

When someone asks you to take off or turn off your Android watch, it would be more practical to simply do so – especially when you find yourself in a delicate situation. Taking a test, entering a high-security facility, undergoing an examination or simply entering an establishment that is paranoid about privacy – these are just a handful of situations where insisting on wearing your Android watch could get you the boot.