An Android mini PC is a great choice for when you want to get some work done without cashing out a lot of money. Even a powerful Android TV box is quite cheap when compared to a desktop or laptop system – even when you factor in the TV and accessories.

The apps you install on your Android box or dongle, however, will significantly impact just how much work you can get done. Work with the right apps, and your job gets easier.MUST-HAVE APPS TO MAKE YOUR ANDROID

So without further ado, here are 10 nifty productivity apps to help you get as much done with as little effort as possible:

1. Google Docs – the first choice of any office worker planning to use an Android mini PC to get some paperwork done. It has a word processor, spreadsheet manager and slideshow editor, and syncs to any other browser or Android device that you log into. Oh, and it’s free – which is always a plus.

2. Microsoft Office Mobile – if you’re more familiar with the venerable Microsoft Office productivity suite, then you’ll be glad to know that the company has released a mobile version that works just fine with Android TV dongles or boxes. The mobile version is free, but you can log in using your Office 365 account if you’re a paying subscriber.

3. Google Drive – if you’re comfortable working with Google Docs, then Google Drive is a no-brainer. This app allows you to sync files and documents to various devices in real-time when you hook up to an internet access point.This in turn allows you to view and edit these documents on any device with Google Drive installed. Very useful when you want to seamlessly work while at home or in the office while reviewing your work while on the bus.

4. LastPass – if you are going to work with a ton of websites, then you’ll need to vary up your log-in credentials lest you inadvertently hand the virtual keys to a virtual thieves. LastPass’ password vault coupled with a random password generator make it an effective choice for easily handling logins without breaking your brain trying to remember all of the usernames and passwords.

5. AppLock – another must-have app when working with sensitive documents on your Android mini PC. This one locks individual apps and services of your choice with a password – barring anyone from snooping around your emails or private folders without your knowledge. It may slow you down with the password prompts, but at least youdon’t need to worry about others stealing confidential data right under your nose.

6. Slack – if you’re working remotely with a team half a world away, then Slack is a great way to share files and send messages without cluttering everyone’s email up. It integrates with a bunch of other services, like Twitter and Google Hangouts, easing the burden of having to sift through a ton of communications just to get to that one important message on your Android dongle.

7. Activity Timer – If you work on deadlines and need some visual cue to help you better keep track of time, then this app is a great choice to install on your Android TV box or dongle. You can even set up multiple timers and set color-coded timers to let you know how much time is remaining at a glance.

8. Pocket – a lightweight app that quickly and unobtrusively allows you to save web content for later viewing. You can save any article, video, photo, diagram or some other online content that you stumble into while working. A pretty convenient app to slap on your Android flash drive or television box.
Keep these apps in mind, install them when you have the time, and it will be much easier to boost the amount of work you can finish using your Android mini PC!