Affordable Stage Lights: The Various Alternatives


Have you ever managed a stage performance before? If you have, you know how important a good lighting is. A stage lighting isn’t only a distributing factor that determines the success of a show but it is also an important element in any performance. It is a good thing that stage lighting becomes more and more affordable in the last few years, thanks to the invention of newer technologies and the availability of alternative materials.

The Importance of Lighting

Do you know that stage lighting is responsible for 75% of the stage performance coverage? Not only can lighting change the plain and bland stage into a more dynamic playground, it can also control the mood. You don’t always have to own a grandeur design of the stage lighting to be able to successfully pull it off; everything depends on the arrangement and management. Do you know that you can have a successful performance with only one or two fixtures? That’s why having a professional and skilled lighting expert in your own lighting department is important.

affordable stage lights

The Affordability

In the past, lighting management might be pretty costly and expensive but it is no longer that way nowadays. In fact, you can always find alternative materials, options, and setting that will allow you to have inexpensive fixtures without compromising quality and performance. You can find these alternative fixtures or materials easily – it is even possible to make your DIY projects with different materials. There are also some suppliers that have provided these alternative options in such an inexpensive manner.

Various Alternatives

You will be surprised to see that some of the alternative materials are easily found in your daily lives and settings.

  • PVC pipe. It is one of the most inexpensive alternatives for the stage lighting fixture. Since finding this item is pretty easy, it is pretty economical. Not to mention that it comes in various diameters and lengths for a more flexible arrangement. A handy tip: if you use a pipe with a printed manufacturer information on the side, you can remove it with the acetone.

  • Coroplast. It is sturdy and light. It is also flexible and easily shaped into anything. Such material can be found at the local sign store and it is pretty inexpensive too.

  • Window screen. Such material can be found easily at the home improvement shops and stores. It is pretty inexpensive too. The window screen is perfect to create different texture and depth because of its characteristic in creating shadows. Keep in mind, though, that you should be wearing heavy-duty gloves when you use this material.