Having trouble how to repair your broken or damaged iPhone? Basically, there are three options for you to choose from, either to bring it to the repair shop, hire an expert to fixed it or buy a new one. However all of these options are not so economical since it requires high-cost repair to fix your iPhone. If you are looking for a more affordable repair option then why not do it yourself? Yes, it will be convenient on your part to have a DIY iPhone repair. On the other hand, you will be needing a repair kit to do the job. There are many affordable DIY iPhone repair kitavailable online, most of this kits includes already set instruction, tools and replacement parts. Some of the common repair kits contains items for specific replacements for some of the iPhone’s common damage like cracked screens or malfunctioning LCD’s. Prior on starting your kit, you should take note of the model of your iPhone and carrier to make sure that you are purchasing compatible piece or parts because there are models which looks really identical outside yet incompatible inside because the connectors inside it are different.IPHONE REPAIR KITS

One of the very usual repair done by majority of iPhone users was damaged, cracked and defective screen. As expected, there are lots of fragile and small parts were involve and it needs a proper repair kits to do the repair process. Remember that in choosing a DIY repair kit, it is always important to follow the guidelines and step-by-step instruction in assembling process so that you can check out if there is any missing items in your iPhone screen repair kit. Also, make sure that you get the proper screen replacement of your particular iPhone model. Here are some of the list of the tools and supplies for your screen repair and their description:

• Replacement Screen- replacement parts comprised of LCD and touch-screen digitizer for specific model of iPhone. Can be OEM or replacement screen for iPhone.

• Philips 00 screwdriver-most common and standard screwdriver which is used in some small electronics devices repair.

• Suction cup (with handle) – cup-shaped plastic device. A partial vacuum which allows easy and fast removal of glass panel of iPhone.

• Razor blade (plastic type) – flat sharp-edge plastic piece used in separating display assembly and frame especially for those screen with many cracks.

• Pentalobe screwdriver- also called as pentalobular screwdriver which is used in removing Apple tamper resistant pentalobe screw on iPhone exterior.

• Anti-static project tray- anti-static plastic where you can store the components of your iPhone in an organized and single location.

• 3/32 flathead screwdriver- this kind of flathead screwdriver is only applicable for iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S only. This is usually used in removing those standoff screws located inside your iPhone.

• Nylon spudger- from the name itself, this is a nylon-made antistatic tool used in broad range of electronic equipment.

• ESD tweezer- used in picking up screws and small components. It has an electrostatic discharge-safe cover with metal or nylon tips.

Why look for a high-cost iPhone repair alternatives if you can just fix your device by yourself? Therefore, you can save money for just a simple and easy to do iPhone screen repair kit!