Email Verification API by Email YoYo – Google I/O

Have you starting to hear the term email verification get talked about at Google I/O or DevOps lately? If you are still unsure what verifying email addresses really is and how it can benefit your business, you stumbled on the write content.

Email verification has multiple definitions to a the developer searching for it. The service we are talking about today is Email YoYo’s email verification API.

An API like that type of verification for email that determines if an account is a valid or invalid through bulk cleaning. Email verification is accomplished in two different forms, API and list cleaning.

The first type involves bulk email list cleaning by ordering a tier that fits in the range of emails you seek to validate. The second is the API for email verification we are talking about.

Developers or larger scale business demands require a email address verification to instantly verify email addresses online from a user submitted form or process during registration.

Email verification, quality verification we should say, goes beyond what is called Simple Mail Validation or SMV. SMV only checks if the @ symbol and a . period exists in the format of the email address.

This is what other APIs are doing and it does not meet the quality found in Email YoYo’s service. The use of email API service guarantees that your list will be cleaned with every user submitted address on your website or application.

A time saving factor is also a benefit from using software for bulk email validation online instead of the offline alternative.

Allowing Email YoYo to process your email addresses on your website with an API is the way to do it. Their API takes all of the work off you or your employees and frees them up for other important things in the day.