While most people normally use WiFi security cameras to protect themselves against external threats I used it for a perceived internal threat and I almost instantly regretted it.
I know there’s no excuses for what I did I’d like to first talk about what lead me to use miniature surveillance cameras for the express purpose of spying on my spouse.HOW I USED A WIFI SECURITY CAMERA TO VERY NEARLY KILL MY MARRIAGE

A Successful Hunt

I didn’t meet my husband when he was single. He was in a relationship with someone else at the time he was worth fighting for.
I won’t go into the gory details but ‘winning over’ my husband took a while and I always had niggling doubts about our relationship.
So here begins our story about my use of hidden WiFi security cameras to spy on my husband.

Fears of Betrayal

My husband needed to attend a business conference with his old flame. I told him that I didn’t think it was a good idea to go on the trip but he tried to tell me his boss had all but demanded that he attend.
He certainly appeared to be happy after he came back which worried me. What worried me more was that he seemed to be spending more and more time at the office, or at work.

I came across a website selling discreet IP surveillance cameras and thought I found a possible solution. They’d work anywhere that had wireless Internet access and could be hidden in all sorts of places. It was the answer to my prayers, which gave me now a wonderful idea on how to kill two birds with one stone.

The Hunt is On

I ordered a few of these disguised IP cameras and had them shipped over. I waited until my husband had headed away on another business trip before setting the devices up in a flower pot in the living room, a smoke detector in the kitchen and a bookcase in the bedroom.
I thought I would be able to catch my husband and his former partner in the act and confront them with irrefutable proof of their sin – except I had underestimated my husband’s ability to sense when something is amiss.
He noticed a misplaced book on the bookshelf in no time at all. It took even less time for him to realize that he was looking at a hidden WiFi security camera peeking from between the gaps.
He confronted me about the whole thing. I tried to deny having anything to do with such a despicable deed, at least until he fished out a delivery receipt for three hidden security cams taken the trash can.
I lost my rag and it turned into a hum-dinger of an argument.

A Ray of Hope

It took some time, for me to realise what I had done. My parents especially didn’t think much of my use of hidden digital cameras. My father was tactful and said that I should try to trust James otherwise he might not trust me. My mother told me flat out that I didn’t deserve to still be in a relationship.

James and I had a long, cool-headed talk on the whole matter. We agreed to find ways that James could avoid contact with Jenna and I promised to trust him. We decided to keep the WiFi security cameras for home security purposes – relocating the bedroom one to the front porch.
While WiFi security cameras are pretty cheap and easy to install, and they do a good job at what they do, don’t use them to spy on your significant other unless you are ready for the relationship to end and simply need evidence for a favorable divorce.

I almost learned that the hard way.