Do you know how to carry out data recovery on dead hard drive? As a matter of fact, you can turn to MiniTool Power Data Recovery to effectively recover data from failed hard drive.

I was at work when my computer suddenly stopped working. After that, I consulted some friends and knew that my hard drive failed. Therefore, I felt very sad since my computer holds massive important data and I didn’t know how to carry out data recovery on bad hard drive.MAKE DATA RECOVERY ON BAD HARD DRIVE DATA RECOVERY BAD HARD DRIVE

Overview of Bad Hard Drive

In this age of information and communication, computers play an extremely important role in our life and work. However, sometimes, your hard drive just stopped working. In general, if you have a better knowledge of computer, you will know that hard drive failures are inevitable. The good news is that there are lots of great recovery tools and methods which can help to timely recover files from bad hard drive.

Data Recovery on Bad Hard Drive

When your hard drive fails, you should stop using it. After that, please remove the hard drive from your computer and then connect it to another machine as a secondary drive. After connecting, you have to check whether you can browse the contents of your drive. If you can, please copy the data that you want to recover. However, if you can’t manually copy the data, you can turn to data recovery software and data recovery companies to recover lost data. Turning to companies is indeed an effective method for recovering lost data from failed hard drive, but you have to bear the risk of privacy leakage. Therefore, turning to professional data recovery software to recover lost data might be a wise choice for you. Now, with the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you can quickly recover data from dead drive.

Detail Steps to Make Data Recovery on Dead Hard Drive

Developed by a famous software development company, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help to recover almost all data that have been lost due to various reasons. It not only helps to recover deleted files, but also can help to recover data from damaged and formatted hard drive. Besides, it is a friendly tool since it provides wizard-based operation and simple interface. What’s more, this app can keep data safe even in case of power outages. Next, let’s see the detailed steps of data recovery.
Firstly, you should install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on computer. Note: Never install the professional recovery software on the drive that you want to recover data from. Otherwise, the original data could be overwritten.

In the main interface, click the “Damaged Partition Recovery” since it is the most powerful data recovery module. In general, as long as partition exists no matter the hard drive is reformatted or becomes inaccessible with unknown reasons, you can use this module to recover lost files. For more information, you can see damaged disk recovery.
At this time, choose the target bad drive and then click “Full Scan” button. After scanning, you can see the following interface.

Now, choose all needed files and then click “Save” button. After that, select a safe place to store recovered files. Note: you are allowed to preview file information before saving.
If you need to recover data from dead hard drive, you can turn to MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It can help you to effectively recover almost all data without affecting original data. In addition, MiniTool offers Power Data Recovery Boot Disk for you to recover data when operating system or disk crashes.