New Gadget On The Block – Self Balancing Scooters

Self Balancing Scooters

Scooter? Segway? Hoverboard? These are the names people give to the interesting gadget that has spread around the world so quickly. Sales guys, students and regular people are riding these new gadgets in every city. Even celebrities and athletes use them, which can be seen on the TV, YouTube or Instagram. It’s safe to say that the scooter has become the most popular gagdet right now.

scooter - hoverboard

What’s It All About

There are many models of this cool gadget and I found mine self balancing scooter for sale online. The prices vary, but I noticed most will go around $300. The speed is similar to most of them, they can go somewhere between 6-10 MPH. The battery can endure 15 miles of riding, or so, and it will take you about 3 hours to get it fully charged again. I should probably say that smooth and flat surfaces are best used as track for the self-balancing scooter.

The maximum weight allowed is 220lbs, although heavier people can use it too. But this will lead to problems with control and will drain the battery faster. While the plastic usd to make this product is quite durable, I really don’t feel confident that someone weighting 250lbs should ride the scooter. On the other hand, the few accidents I had with it didn’t damage it, except for few scratches here and there.


You control the device with the help of 4 sensors, two are positioned under each foot. As soon as you places your foot on the scooter, the sensors will help you balance the hoverboard. You will also have a LED light, showing you how good is your balance. It takes some time to get used to controlling the speed, I’ll tell you that. It will also take a while for you to feel comfrotable turning around with it. But once you invest some time into practice, you won’t have any troubles with maneuvering at all! It becomes easy as riding a bike.

The only thing to remember when it comes to control is that you shouldn’t ride the scooter on brick pathways, gravel or any other uneven surface. Flat carpets are fine, but any surface that has small holes or a lot of small bumps should be avoided.

In conclusion, this is a cool piece of technology that is fun to ride. It’s quite affordable so there’s no reason not to have fun. You’ll find plenty of models under $100, so go ahead and order one online.