Petcube – How A Box Is Changing How We Connect With Our Pets


Welcome to the exciting world of Petcube. Who knew that a cube could be so exciting?

If you have a dog or a cat they are going to be wanting you to go shopping for the Petcube today. Here’s why.

PetCube is as close as it can get to actually being at home with your pets when you’re away at work. This isn’t just a fancy square piece of home decor. It’s actually an interactive pet camera that has a host of different features including fun technologies that you can access via your smartphone.

First off, it comes with an interactive laser pointer that is a fan favourite of cats. By connecting to the app on your phone you can quickly and easily direct the laser to locations around the room and have fun watching your cat or dog chase it. Boredom will become a thing of the past when you connect this to your internet at home. There’s another reason that this interactive pet camera is so appealing to pet owners. If you have a dog or cat that suffers from separation anxiety then this little device can bring both of you a lot of peace of mind.


You can look at your phone and see what your pet is doing and if you feel they need some extra attention you can talk to them and play with them any time throughout the day and they won’t miss you so much.

Also, some pets love getting up to mischief as soon as their owners walk out the door.  With the Petcube app on your smartphone you’ll be able to see when little Scooby is up to no good and scold him accordingly (or distract him, whichever you prefer).

On a plus side it also comes with a microphone so that means you can hear any responses your pet makes when you start talking to it and they can also hear you:). Sometimes petsitters come to stay when you have to go away for work or on vacation.  Having a fantastic pet camera like this allows you to stay connected with your pet wherever you go in the world.

You can take photos of them, watch live streaming video of them, play with them and also talk to them in a way never before possible. And did I mention how stylish the PetCube actually is and how it fits in neatly and discreetly in your home? There’s a lot to love about the PetCube including the fact that it’s super easy and quick to set up.  If you can hold down a button for a few seconds, you can setup your PetCube.

Accessing the PetCube app is as easy as touching your smartphone screen.  Select the app and the world is your oyster. That’s the ultimate beauty of this wonderful interactive pet device.  It takes everything complex out of it so all you have to do is have fun with your pet.

Read more about Petcube here and find out where you can get it for a great price today.  You really can’t put a price on how incredibly happy this is going to make your pet.