Social Sharing Made Easy – 5 Top Plugins for Sharing Blog Content

Social media has really changed the way site owners promote websites and engage the audience. It is now one of the most important internet marketing tools to use. A website that doesn’t have good social media profiles and sufficient engagement with its followers or visitors is missing out on plenty of opportunities for traffic and conversion.

Of course, social media is not just about the site’s own pages or profiles. It is about persuading other users to share your content through their own pages. Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy for websites to offer social sharing buttons and other functions. These are the top 5 plugins you can use to up your social sharing game.


Jetpack is a must-have plugin used by thousands of WordPress-based sites. If you already have Jetpack installed, then you have two important social sharing tools already available to you. The first feature offered by Jetpack is Publicize. You can configure Publicize to automatically share new articles as you post them by connecting your social media accounts.

Publicize is actually very flexible. It is compatible with all popular social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook. It can also be configured to work with multiple accounts, which means every new post can be shared through multiple social media profiles automatically. It is a handy feature to have if you don’t want to worry about sharing new articles manually.

The second feature offered by Jetpack is Sharing. This is the feature to activate if you want to add social sharing buttons to your pages and posts. Although Sharing in Jetpack is a bit limited, it is still a good way to add social sharing without the extra complications. It automatically puts all buttons you have selected at the end of the article.


Shareaholic is a classic. It is a third-party service that’s compatible with most CMS platforms, including WordPress. There is a native plugin that you can install to activate Shareaholic across the site, but you still need to register for an account before you can start using the features offered by this service.

Shareaholic automatically adds social sharing buttons to the end of every post. The buttons are slightly hidden to keep your site’s layout clean; there is a Share the Knowledge pointer to encourage visitors to share the articles they are reading. Shareaholic is popular among site owners because it has a reputation for being effective in boosting social sharing.

There are other nifty features too. When a user shares an article, Shareaholic can be configured to display a thank-you message. It even has its own revenue sharing program that you can try.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

When it comes to adding social sharing buttons to your site, Easy Social Share for WordPress is definitely one of the best plugins to use. It is filled with feature that make boosting social sharing a lot easier. It supports a staggering number of social networks, including messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. It can also be configured to your needs; for instance, you can place the social sharing buttons in any of the 22 offered locations on the page.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is also highly customizable. You don’t have to stick to the default buttons. You can choose whether to display the counters and you can even have a popup window to boost your social media follower counts.

Social Warfare

The name may be a bit intimidating, but Social Warfare is a handy plugin for adding social buttons to your site. For starters, it supports floating buttons that stays in a fixed position on either side of the page. It can also be customized to suit the design of the site perfectly.

Social Warfare has plenty of advanced features. The alternative Pinterest image is one that you want to use. It automatically replaces images on the post with Pinterest-friendly images when they are shared, without changing the actual look or design of the post.

You can also tell Social Warfare to do other specific things. Don’t want your visitors to know about low social counts? Social Warfare can automatically hide them. Do you need to customize the Tweets users send when hitting the Tweet button? You can do that as well.

Revive Old Post

This last plugin is not necessary for boosting social sharing, but it can help increase your social engagement nonetheless. Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin that will automatically post old articles to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks at an interval. The plugin brings new life to older articles, especially timeless ones such as tutorials and reviews.

Revive Old Post automates everything. You can set it to Tweet just the title of the article or title and an excerpt. You can add hashtags and @ mention to the tweets as well. The latest update now supports images in tweets, allowing you to boost social engagement even further.

These top 5 social sharing plugins for WordPress will certainly up your social media game. There are a lot of advantages to be gained from staying active and engaging viewers on social media, so utilize these plugins to help your site succeed in boosting social sharing.