Tech Upgrades to Look for in 2017

Tech Upgrades to Look for in 2017

We reached the moment in history when our lives completely revolve around the advanced technology. The frenzy that follows the release of the new iPhone model shows that people are completely obsessed with the latest tech breakthroughs as well as new values and experiences they bring. In this article we’ll review some of the ground breaking tech trends that will change our world and inspire us to dream about the future in 2017.

Windows Holographic and holographic desktops

This is the new mixed-reality side of the world’s favorite OS. Few years ago this idea looked too futuristic because at that moment there weren’t any gadgets that were capable of projecting Windows display on walls and other real world objects. In the meantime, Microsoft developed HoloLense, the first holographic computer, which allows you to interact with your digital content through holograms. Windows Holographic apps can be easily downloaded and developed, even if you don’t have the HoloLense gadget. The platform itself was launched in March this year and in 2017 Windows Holographic will become widely available on personal computers.

Windows Holographic

iPhone 8 and wireless charging

The year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone launch and that’s why we know that Apple is preparing some game-changing updates for next year. There are many rumors about the iPhone 8’s specs. Some experts think that Apple will introduce the wireless charging option. This feature uses electromagnetic field to transfer the energy between the charger and the phone’s battery. Apart from the wireless charger, new iPhone will also come with: full-glass design, A11 chip and the latest iOS 11 operating system. New iPhone and other Apple products will be sold in licensed online and offline stores, like MySky online stores.

Amazon Echo and other personal assistant robots

Personal assistant software like Siri Eyes or Cortana is very popular among Millennials. In 2017 this type of software will be merged with robotics in order to create advanced home and office helpers. You’ve probably heard about Amazon Echo. It’s a cloud-based device that’s driven by voice control. Amazon Echo and other similar gadgets can connect to long list of smart home appliances and systems. They can control: light, HVAC and security systems, as well as smart stoves, fridges, TVs and many other latest generation appliances. Since Amazon Echo can also connect to the internet, it can be used as a regular personal assistant app, for conducting online searches, reading weather forecast or booking airplane tickets.

Amazon Echo

Augmented and virtual reality apps in construction, real estate and tourist industry

There are dozens of home improvement apps that use augmented reality to measure the space or to create floor plans for the rooms you want to remodel. Since virtual and augmented reality will continue to advance during 2017, we can expect new apps that will be used for creating VR space renderings. These apps will put users on the spot and enable them to mingle with their virtual surroundings. The concept of virtual reality will completely change real estate and travel industry. Home owners will be able to inspect their renovated homes before the construction works start, and tourists will be able to walk down the beach at their destination, before even booking their flight.

Light L16- cameras with multiple lenses

Light L16 is the first multi-lens camera. This concept allows us to take DSLR photos with a pocket-size device. The whole batch of these highly-practical devices was sold immediately after its release in 2016 and now consumers need to sign up for another batch that will arrive in the beginning of 2017. Front side of the camera contains 16 separate lenses covered with glass. When combined, these lenses can shoot very high resolution images (52 pixels) with DSLR like depth of field.

The fast development of virtual reality and holographic desktop computers will make our surroundings look like a scenery from sci-fi movies in less than a year. In addition to this, big corporations finally realized the importance of green tech and some of the most successful startups in the world compete in this field and try to turn our word into a better place.