Top Hidden Features In Gmail That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Top Hidden Features In Gmail

Gmail is, arguably, the most popular and widely used email client in the world.  In the current online generation, it is rare that you will find any individual without at least one Gmail account.  Not only has Google invested in an online mail service linked to the Gmail account, but there are several platforms attached including storage facilities (Google Drive).  Gmail has also been known to provide some of the best support for the email generation with superior privacy facilities making data security a top priority.  With all the additional elements, there must be some aspects that the public are unaware of as part of the Gmail account.  This article will provide a brief guide to the top hidden features in Gmail that you might not be aware of.

1. The Spam Hiding Capabilities

Spam is a fact of online mailing life and something we all wish to be rid of, if possible.  As part of their Gmail experience, it is possible for one to hide the spam while not hindering the capacity of one’s primary inbox.  For example, if you do not wish to subscribe to an online service, you will be able to include the spam hiding dot in the email address; thus, identifying the email sender as a spam sender.  This triggers an email filter allowing all emails from the particular “dotted email sender” to be deleted.

2. The Synchronizing Of Email Contacts

One of the most beneficial hidden features available in Gmail is the ability to synchronize all Gmail contacts.  This is useful when attempting to transfer contacts to a smartphone or tablet.  It is advantageous not only as a means of sharing contacts to another device but also as a backup for various email contacts.

3. The Email Address Restore

Ideally, an email contact deleted from a smart phone will also be deleted from the Gmail account after being synchronized; however, this is not always the case.  In addition, when this occurs it is possible that you may not have wanted to delete the information and losing the contact details could be detrimental.  Fortunately, Gmail has an email address restore feature that can assist with recovering contacts within a 30 day time period after deletion.

4. The Labs

The labs are an experimental section of the Gmail platform.  It can be accessed via a preview pane found in the corner of the Gmail screen. By moving the Google Chat pane from the left to the right using the “right side chat” feature, you can see all experimental features being developed by Google.

There are many other useful features, of course. You can learn how to recall an email in Gmail and many other things that will seriously improve your experience with this platform.